Adab berkawan.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fyi, i had a bestfriend. Sorry, used to call a best friend but then she backstabbed me. (mcm !@#$) For the 2 3 years ok je but then buat taik pulak dgn aku mmg tak lah! but i learnt my lesson. Since benda tu jadi i was so afraid nak cari bestfriend. I mean just a friend a normal friend and I ask myself not to get a very close friend sampai lah sekarang. Kita buat baik dengan orang, tapi orang tak reti nak appreciate. Dah la tak appreciate, buat taik pulak tu. Cakap2 belakang, buat cerita pah bedah dia. Ini lah minded, busuk hati yang kita kena avoid. So for now my only bestfriends are my sisters and my boyfriend. These are the people that I really trust. I am very friendly, even baru sejam jumpa pun dh boleh rapat dgn seseorang tu. Im not choosy, as long hati dia baik, willing to share happiness and tough time together. My mum says that I always make my friends come first. even my bf said tat before! haha I denied that. hmm Perhaps its true, sbb I love to help my friends. I just want them happy to have a friend like me. Awww isnt tat sweet? :p I got two close friends for now, tu pun not 24hours connected. I mean belum lagi that close (bestfriend). Tapi tu lah everyday and anywhere it is possible for us to meet a new friend. Satu lagi, kita orang melayu ada adab. Adab nak bercakap kan. I knw a few people jenis main cakap lepas je mulut dia without thinking apa yg dia ckp tu patut ke tak patut. Pepatah melayu ada berkata "Kerana mulut badan binasa". Sebab mulut je org boleh benci kita. So please mind your words. Kalau kita pandai jaga hati orang, Im sure that they will treat us good as well. Girls, dont kill your friend at the back. If u want to do so, just kill em infront. haha its not funny i know. TTYL.


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