Karaoke TIME!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

aha yesterday i went to summit with my girls aft class. bosan xtau nk buat apa cuz class 12pm til 2pm. satu kelas je pulak then we decided to karaoke at song box which is in level 3 i think, lupalah! lol Time tu pulak tgh murah, then faten belanjaa thanks faten :D banyak jugak la lagu we guys nyanyi and im glad faten suka i nyanyi listen by beyonce. nnt i nyanyi lagi utk u okay faten :D aft dah nyanyi2 farahin pulak nk main pool, so we guys pun main pool smp bola terpelanting ye farah? jauh pulak tu HAHAHAHA! lama xmain la kan. lol today i think nk cmpny faten watch movie. she said she wanna watch seventeen again! so i think i shud lah kan sbb dia nk sgt tgk. suppose plan tgk movie every wednesday since we got no class on tat day. Nvmnd, wednesday we cn watch another movie pulak. My assgnmnt dh siap print smua dah and now, drawing. i hate drawing seriously. but how can i do, i chose this one and i hv to face all this.
u can see my pictures masa karaok tu :p and the video of me and Faraely goin CRRRAAZZEYYY!! haha enjoy watchin' ;)

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  1. rinduuu uuu and farahhh!!! aaaaaahhhhh"heheheheh,

  2. uuu nak gi karaoke jugakkkkk!




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