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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This week i've to take care of my sister's bby aka Fiona again. :( But i guess fr this week je lah cuz i'm goin to find a part time job soon. Banyak sangat plan act ada yang ajak amk lesen, ada yg invite fr photoshoot la. macam2 lah. ada jugak yg baik sangat hati nak ajar abt camera, well i really appreciate tat. :) Sekarang ni sibok kn dengan Israel and so on. Well i hope its goin to end up soon. There's nothing tat i can do except ban Franchise2 yang menyalurkan duit untuk orang Israel. Itu sahajalah yang termampu. On 10th Jan lepas i went to a casting fr Pizza Hut. haha its kind of fun! i pergi with my sister's bestfriend since i tau jalan to tat place. ;) Best jugak la like we have to act infront of the camera konon2 i ni football fan la.haha i suppose to wear a jersey smthg tp i pergi hari tu pakai dress haha what a shame :p yela i was just nk tmn my sister's friend but then dia suruh casting sekali, so i just try lah. Most of the talent yang ada kat sana majority chinese la sbb tat commercial will act keluar kat Singapore. So, kalau ada rezeki dapatlah, kalau xdpt pun its okay ;) Mr. Ong, i'm waiting fr your call :)

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